What are Team-O Sports?

The 5 Sports of the Team-O Challenge:

Urban Dodge Ball – Monte Carlo

This is a liberating variation of traditional dodge ball:  Instead of playing in a strictly confined, indoor setting, UDB is played in open public places, such as city parks or squares.  Members of two or more teams seek out, pursue and try to hit members of the other team(s) with water balloons on their shirt. All contestants wear similar outer T-shirts (different colors for each team), and each contestant must end up at a pre-designated location within 2 minutes of when time expires. A contestant who hits or touches a bystander is immediately disqualified. The winning team is the one whose members are collectively the least wet at the end, judging by the water content of their t-shirts.  This can be visually determined by a referee, or objectively measured by comparing the total (water saturated) weight of each team’s t-shirts.

Extreme Bunny Hop - Tokyo

In this wild sport, two or more teams form bunny hop chains at an outdoor, urban starting point.  The object is for the teams to hop along side by side, following a referee, who sets the pace and direction.  The referee chooses the urban terrain and obstacles the bunny hopping teams must navigate through, over and under (e.g. park benches, steps, jungle gyms).  The winning team is the one that can get the most bystanders to join their chain by the end of the contest, or the one that can manage to hop along the longest without a break in the chain (a break is when any person in the chain lets go of the waist of the person in front of him/her).

Underwater Ski Patrol

USP combines down-hill ski equipment (skis, poles) with scuba gear (tank, regulator, mask) so as to be able to ski under water. Skiers seek out some form of underwater propulsion – be it being pulled by a boat, by water current or by teammates via a rope – and compete in either speed (how long it takes them to complete a distance) or agility (completing an underwater slalom course).

Galapagos Jousting Federation

This sport combines some form of turtle costume with elements of jousting, either in one-on-one or ‘last man standing’ group combat. The goal is not to knock down opponents, but to use the tip of a jousting implement to be the first to touch a designated target spot on the opponent’s mock turtle shell, or to pierce a water balloon hanging from the opponent’s shell, or to knock off some object from the opponent’s shell, such as a piece of pie.

Antarctic Chess League

Contestants play speed-chess in a challenging (cold, dark, windy) environment (either natural or artificial), wearing heavy winter gear. Once a player makes his move, he runs around the playing area (board and the two stools) six times, which is the amount of time the opponent has to make his move. Therefore it is to each player’s advantage to make the run as fast as possible (which also serves to keep warm). If the other player fails to make his move before the completion of the six laps, his next move is forfeited. An additional dimension is team-chess, in which 2-3 players on each side take turns making moves and running. Teammates are not allowed to converse or signal each other during the match, so as to devise a team strategy.

What qualifies as an official Team-O sport?

The Team-O Federation reserves the indisputable right to sanction what constitutes an official Team-O Sport, based on the guidelines set forth by our Charter. Participation in Team-O sports as well as induction of new sports into the official Team-O sports registry, is governed by the following criteria:

1. Must have a humorous, oxymoronic element

2. Can not be dangerous or overly demanding to do

3. Must be social, rather than solitary — so that it encourages group rather than individual activity

4. Must be both fun to watch and participate in

5. Must have a competitive dimension, so that a contest of some sort can be created around it

6. Must be recognized and approved by Team-O, the governing authority on oxymoronic sports


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