The Origins of Team-O

This rare historical photo is rumored to show one of the legendary orders of Team-O knights, circa May 12th, 1893.

It seems that throughout history, an extraordinary group of men and women have dared to defy conventional wisdom and have joined together in their common pursuit of Oxymoronic sports: Logic-defying adventures that bring together seemingly incompatible locations, implements and activities. This society, dubbed “the Federation of Oxymoronic Sports,” or simply "Team-O,” was destined to remain an underground movement, the thread of which was lost for several decades and feared extinct.

Until now!

Due to a chain of highly improbable events and accidental discoveries, there is growing evidence that Team-O members have recently resurfaced, and the Federation has been re-established. This website’s purpose is to popularize and safeguard the thrilling essence of the Federation, to unite worldwide interest and coordinate activities related to the pursuit of oxymoronic sports, and to discover the fascinating history and traditions of Team-O itself.


Team-O Antarctic Chess League T-shirt

While Team-O can neither confirm nor deny claims regarding their supernatural powers, Vintage Team-O Gear is now available.


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